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Shah of Sunset Episode 1 Recap

Miracle Baby

The Shahs are back! Everyone seems to be doing fairly well (famous last words). Mike has a new place, MJ and Tommy moved in together, Reza and Adam are living a happy married life, Asa is prego, Gigi is “healing” and has changed for the better (don’t we hear that every season?) and even Shervin is settling down with his hottie Australian girlfriend.

Why You Yell?

MJ has moved into a new condo with Tommy and the place is an absolute mess. There’s boxes and crap everywhere and the whole condo needs a major reno. And the worst part is that MJ’s mom, Vita, lives in the same complex…just a few doors away. Why would MJ do this to herself? Why would she do this to Tommy? Every time we see Vita she is making someone upset in one way or another – usually it’s MJ and usually it ends in tears or yelling. MJ is a masochist.

mj 3.png

Can We Get 2 of Everything on the Happy Hour Menu?

Reza and Asa meet up and right off the bat Asa announces to Reza that she’s pregnant. And not just pregnant…. 5 months pregnant! How did Reza not know about this? I thought for sure that this was all for the cameras but Reza has a pretty good excuse. “She eats a lot and wears kaftans all the time.” Plus I underestimated just how self-centered Reza is. And then Reza orders “2 of everything on the happy hour menu”!!! The waiter looks horrified!


After Rehab, I Drink Less

Gigi sent herself off to rehab and now “drinks less” and is super into yoga and meditation a la Kathryn Dennis. Her mediation class looked more like an exorcism than a relaxing reflection of life. People were screaming… screaming! Not just yelling a little, but legit screaming at the top of their lungs. Strangers screaming and crying all around me does not sound like a relaxing time – the whole scene just made me want a drink – so I think it’s having the opposite effect.


Baby Fever

Reza and Adam are experiencing marital bliss – but Adam already wants a baby. This is what happens when one of your friends has a baby – all of our other friends start to want them too. Like take a chill pill. Maybe y’all should wait until Asa has her baby so you can babysit and play with it – maybe you don’t even like babies. I know I don’t.


tennis 3.png

Also, Adam twisting his ankle and then laying this way made me legit lol!  He looks like a teenage girl sitting on her bed while on the phone with her bestie.


Shervin hosts a “bro-be-que” with all of the dudes, plus some random cousins. Mike tells them about his upcoming housewarming party and Reza convinces him to hire a party planner (who I think is the new cast member). Reza also pressures Mike into not invited Gigi. The group agrees that she is too toxic and no one wants the drama.


Bleach Bitch!

MJ kidnaps Reza and drags him to get a procedure…. asshole bleaching. Why why WHY??? This scene was way too graphic for me – why does Bravo insist on making me puke in my mouth? If these scenes are trying to be funny, they are wildly off the mark.

bleach 2bleach 3bleach

Housewarming June

The first group event of the season (sans Gigi) is being held at Mike’s new place for a housewarming party – equipped with girls dressed as lampshades. (???) The group talks about the absent, uninvited Gigi and Mike tries to convince everyone that she’s changed.  We see a flashback to a convo Mike and Gigi had where Mike alludes that Gigi had been using drugs in the past…. I mean duh. There’s no way she went to rehab just for alcohol.

hosue 4.png

house 4.png

 MJ and Asa haven’t seen or spoken to each other since the reunion but they are pleasant enough to each other. Then Asa makes her grand announcement that she is preggers. Everyone is shocked but so happy for her – even MJ.

house 2

house 11

I thought MJ was going to come up with some snarky comments but she did seem genuinely happy for Asa. She asks some questions that seemed to rub Ada the wrong way like “What religion are you going to raise the baby?” “Are you going to move in together?” For once, I didn’t think that MJ was being malicious – it might not be her business but in general these are fair questions to ask someone having a baby.

house 10house 9

MJ starts to get emotional and like any rational person, heads to the bar to start downing shots. At first (thanks to Bravo editing) it appears that MJ is upset that Asa is having a baby and not her, but really MJ gets emotional about her sick father and how she’s putting her life on hold until he’s better.

house 7

Mike can be such a douche and so sleazy at times (as we see in the following scene when he gets a lap dance from one of the lamp girls) but he can also be so sweet and endearing as evident in the supportive convo he has with MJ while wiping up her mascara.

house 8.png

Reza and MJ have a drunken discussion on Mike’s stoop about babies and such. Meanwhile, Adam is inside going on and on about having babies – he is obsessed.

house 5


Next week we see MJ continue to harp on Asa about her situation with her Jackson baby daddy. MJ is poking and prodding and what started out looking like friendly concern is now borderline embarrassing. She is trying so obviously to make Asa look bad but as always Asa is chill af and doesn’t give shit. Gigi will finally make a group appearance and see Reza for the first time. I hope he tries to push some of her buttons so we can see if she will remain calm and Zen or completely pop off as she usually does.

What did you think of the premier episode? Should Reza forgive Gigi? Has she really changed this time? Is MJ jealous of Asa or genuinely concerned?

Let me know in the comments below!

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