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Below Deck Med Episode 10 Recap

Kissing Up

Finally Below Deck Med is back after a 2 week hiatus. This week was a little slow compared to the last episode but it is definitely setting us up for some great drama to unfold on the next episode! Hannah is getting isolated from the group, although she doesn’t seem to mind. Malia doesn’t like Hannah and the guys are all going to go along with whatever Malia says. Malia complains throughout this whole episode that Hannah is unprofessional – meanwhile she’s hooking up with 2 roommates in the same night and kissing her boss in the bridge.

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Chef Croc

The show starts right back where we left off with Hannah and Chef what’s-his-face fighting in the galley about Chef’s appearance in front of the guests. The dirty apron, the backwards hat, the dirty tea towel, the CROCS!

chef 7.png

Hannah goes to Captain Sandy to complain about Chef and his crappy clothes. The Captain talks to Chef but also tell Hannah that she sees what Hannah is doing. She tells her not to try and divert the attention to someone else after the stuff she just pulled with Jason.

chef 5.png

chef 4

Chef Cookies

Chef what’s-his-face makes cookies for the charter guests as dessert for lunch. I 100% agree with Hannah on this one – if I were paying that much money to charter a yacht and cookies came out I’d be like wtf? It’s pretty much as basic as you can get.

chef 6.png

Hannah again talks to Captain Sandy and complains that Chef’s food is bland, boring, and repetitive. Max is lying in bed and overhearing this whole conversation. Of course he blabs to the whole crew and even tells Chef what’s-his-face right in the middle of dinner.

chef 9.png

chef 10.png


The guests are up to the wee hours and wasted af off of tequila.  The primary charter guest can not even speak at this point.  Someone take this sloppy biotch to bed!

slug 3.png

Wes and Bugsy decide to entertain the guests with their lack of dance moves.  Wes shows everyone his take on the worm – The Slug.  It pretty much looks like he’s humping the floor but in a slow, lazy motion.

slug 2.png


Kiss Gate

Bugsy thinks that something more happened with Jason while he was on the boat than Hannah is letting on and of course spreads this thought around to Malia, Bobby, Max, and Chef. This is where Malia starts calling Hannah unprofessional – girl just stop. Seriously what has Hannah ever done to you to make you dislike her so much?


Lauren accidentally lets slip to Max that Hannah and Jason kissed while on charter. I don’t think she did it to be mean but she didn’t seem to realize that it was a secret. Well of course, later that night resident gossip Max blabs again to the whole crew. I mean, I prob would too…. It’s too juicy!

kiss 2.png

Speaking of Unprofessional Kissing

Wes and Malia are up in the bridge for anchor watch and start making out…. yes so professional that Malia.


The next day Captain Sandy wants Wes to choose his 2nd in command to take some of the pressure off of him. Oh shit!!! Wes is torn between Bobby and Malia – his bro and his hoe. Wes knows that Bobby has more experience but that Malia has been more eager to learn and grow. Tough spot bud.

rank 2.png

I Got A Text

The crew goes out for drinks and Hannah decides to confront Bobby and Max about reading the primary charter guest’s messages. She gets a message from Jason, “Hey guys I got a new message. Would you like to see it? I know how much you love to read my private messages.”


text 2.png

Max actually claps back saying that Hannah shouldn’t have kissed him in the first place.

text 3.png

The whole group is huddled together in a circle without Hannah who storms off and back to the boat. I don’t see Malia chasing after her like she did with Chef – come on Malia, someone on your team is having a bad night.

text 4.png

text 5.png

Charter Brokers

The new guests are charter brokers and one of them also knows Captain Sandy so the pressure is on to make everything perfect.


Captain Sandy is super stressed and running around trying to micromanage everything. She wants to get off the dock as fast as possible, she’s helping get dinner out, and even clearing plates.


Lead Deck Hand

Wes tells Malia, who tells Bobby, that Captain Sandy wants Wes to rank the deck crew. Why would you tell her that Wes? Why?!!! It’s going to make things so much worse now that the team knows about it.

rank 3.png

Captain Sandy wants a decision but Wes knows it will cause drama amongst his team. If he chooses Malia it looks like favoritism because he’s crushing on her. But if she actually deserves it and he just doesn’t want to pick her because he knows that it’ll look bad, that’s not fair to her. I think the easy choice would be Bobby simply because he has more experience – no one can argue with that.



Next week’s episode looks lit af. Wes makes a decision about lead deck hand and then Bobby and Malia get into a fight about it. Chef what’s-his-face hears about Malia and Wes in the bridge and freaks out on Malia. Then Wes and Chef get into a physical altercation in the streets on Croatia! Whaaaat??!!! Omg this has to be the final straw for Chef – Captain Sandy has to fire him over this! He was trying to punch Wes in the face! Sadly, I think he’ll somehow manage to worm his way back in since there’s only 2 charters left.

What did you think of this week’s episode? Is the crew being harsh on Hannah or does she deserve some shaming for her actions? Who should Wes choose a lead deck hand?

Let me know in the comments below!

Episode 9    Episode 8    Episode 7   Bobby Blow-Ups

7 thoughts on “Below Deck Med Episode 10 Recap”

  1. I love that you call him “chef what’s his face” 😀😀😀 haven’t seen the episode yet but now I can’t wait

    1. I started calling him that because I didn’t think he’d be around for the whole season…. I thought he’d get fired and Ben would come back. Unfortunately that wasn’t the case but I still refuse to learn his real name lol

  2. Do you think Sandy fires Adam, and brings in Ben. On WWHL, Lorren was asked when she last saw Ben and she automatically said….”In Croatia”. It just popped out quickly, but Andy did not question her on it, but started taking about something else. Made me think, that because she is new to Reality TV, she let the cat out of the bag and did not realize what she was saying.

    1. God we can only hope! I was really hoping for a situation like last year with chef Leon. That why I keep calling him chef what’s-his-face…. I refuse to remember him. Maybe after next week when he punches Wes…. captain will be left with no choice.

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