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Southern Charm Reunion Part 1 Recap

Reunion, Part 1

Part 1 of reunions are always a little slow and it didn’t help that Kathryn was highly sedated. She is the one we can usually count on to bring it…. where were all of her crazy looks? Craig keeps getting more and more skinny – his face is looking skeletal. Kathryn’s hair started off looking cute but begins to get wirey and disheveled as the day continues. Shep actually looked pretty good – must not have been hung over. Thomas looks old and creepy per ushe but the make-up seems to have helped a bit. Cameran is gorgeous as always and killing it in that adorable dress with her cute little baby bump. The make-up artists did not do so well with Landon. She looks tired, old, and grumpy – it’s just all wrong: the outfit, the make-up, the hair. Help her Cameran! Austen looks cute as pie and nothing like Shep in my opinion.

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Are You a Bro or a Douche?

Andy gets into the Craig/Shep relationship dynamic and if Shep is being brotherly or a douche bag. Shep thinks he’s being helpful and the group is kind of on his side, agreeing that Craig just can’t handle the truth. I think sometimes Shep is trying to be helpful but the way he says things to Craig is kind of harsh. And to top it off Craig is also extremely sensitive, so that doesn’t help. Cameran says that Craig is sort of like a girl when it comes to his drama queen ways.

tom laugh.png

The group piles on Craig for being up in everyone’s business all season. Shep again makes fun of his mediation skills and Craig fires back that Shep is a drunk.

Falling Back in Love

Naomi comes out to talk about her and Craig’s relationship and all of their fighting. She explains “Craig wants a ride or die chick but I want to know where we’re riding and why we need to die.” Hit the nail on the head there Naomi. They said they had their low point just a few weeks ago – so way after filming had wrapped. Whaaat?! I thought we saw y’alls low point – how much worse could it have gotten? Craig says that they’re “learning how to fall back in love”.


Um y’all have not been dating that long to be having these huge problems or to be falling out of love with each other! If you’re at that point, it’s time to walk away before you go any deeper. After a few years y’all are not invested as much as you could be and you can still have a clean break rather easily.

ABC – Aging Bachelor Condition

Shep has cut down on his partying since moving to the beach. He can’t seem to cut it out completely and I don’t think he’s actually cut down that much. He’s going to bed earlier but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t start drinking earlier. Cameran says that Shep is an angry drunk and he does have a tendency to get in fights with people. Thomas says that Shep has ABC – Aging Bachelor Condition.


Mary Jane Rehab

But that was just the warm up for a more serious topic – Kathryn’s drug issues. Kathryn says she’s been sober for “probably about 8 months.” Then how does she explain what’s happening to her right now?


She blames Landon for leaking the story to the press at last year’s reunion, but the story was already out by that time. Delusional! Landon doesn’t feel bad about her comments saying Kathryn wanted to meet her next rich victim in rehab. What a bitch!

lan yell

Kathryn admits that her drug of choice was marijuana. What whaat whaaaat?! Sorry but no way… there’s no way! Someone who is high on weed does not act like she has acted in the past. Even Andy is like “wtf? People go to rehab for pot? Well I’m screwed!”


Landon starts crying when she hears that Kathryn doesn’t trust anyone…. ok Landon, two seconds ago you were judging her and now you feel so bad that you are crying on her behalf. Take that dolphin ass home.

landon cry.png


Jennifer Snowden comes out and explains how she testified against Kathryn in the custody case. Kathryn accuses Jen of lying under oath but we don’t get to hear what the alleged lie was because of the gag order. “I’m not under your gag order!”

kat high 2.png

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This is where Kathryn’s condition really starts to go downhill – something must’ve kicked in. She can barely keep her eyes open, she’s having a hard time speaking, and she does not understand what anyone is saying. She has to, has to be high af on some sort of pills.

kat high.png

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Thomas jumps in and it gets really dark – as it usually does with the two of them. He is threatening to reveal secrets about court issues and past things that Kathryn has done.

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Next week we get an appearance from Chelsea – I’m surprised she hasn’t been out there for the whole thing. I know she wasn’t in the main intro but she was just as involved with everything as Austen was. Craig and Shep get into it again and Cameran tries to act innocent about her involvement in the Chelsea/Shep/Austen love triangle.  It looks like Chelsea goes in on Landon!  I am ready for that and hope that Chelsea really brings it – I mean she has to cement herself for next year’s season. Also, where is Whitney?

What did you think of Part 1 of the Reunion?  More crazy or tame than past seasons?  Is Kathryn on some sort of something or am I just not used to seeing her fight sober?

Let me know in the comments below!

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