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Real Housewives of New York Episode 14 Recap

A Slippery Slope

This was a good episode, but nothing compared to last week’s drama!  Ramona is still on another level of spoiled-ness, Tinsley is still on another level on drunk-ness, Bethenny is still on another level of closed off-ness, and God bless Dorinda and her blatant honesty!

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The Breakfast Transition

The next morning, still in Vermont the ladies are waking up one by one and preparing to go skiing. Finally Ramona is being a good guest by making breakfast and even bringing Sonja coffee – to repay her for the mountain water. Bethenny apologizes to Tinsley for being harsh on her and says she needs to grieve and do things in her own time. Sonja starts ranting and raving about how she’s “transitioning” into accepting Luann and Tom’s marriage.

breakfast 2.png

All of the women are watching, mouths agape and cringing – stop using the word “transitioning”

breakfast 3.png

Sonja! Luann is pretty outraged -like she doesn’t really give an F if Sonja accepts her relationship or not. “What does it look like I transitioned or something? I transitioned into a marriage – with Tom! But that’s the only transition that’s ever happened here.” Yeah, that’s why people used to call you LuMan!

breakfast 4.png

breakfast. 5png.png

Lu just wants an apology out of Sonja for her comments the other day. Sonja beats around the bush and just wants Luann to accept her how she is – inappropriate comments and all… and no apology.

breakfast 6.png

I Need to Work on My Form

The ladies head out to do some skiing but Carole and Dorinda stay behind. Of course Ramona has a hot ski instructor lined up that she cannot stop bossing around.

ski 4.png

Bethenny has a Skinny Girl snowboard! The branding is out of control this year. Everyone watching already knows what Skinny Girl is and if they’re like me they’re sitting at home drinking some as they watch. There’s no need to keep shoving it down our throats.

ski 2.png

ski 3

Apre Ski

Back at the lodge Dorinda and Carole are talking about Bethenny’s situation with her psychopathic ex, Hoppy. He was arrested for stalking and had showed up at their daughter’s school just to scream in Bethenny’s face.

lodge 6.png

Wtf is this guy’s problem? What is he trying to achieve? He already got his settlement… maybe he’s working to become America’s most hated man. Sorry Hoppy, but I think that position is already filled by senor presidente.

lodge 5.png

lodge 7

After skiing everyone meets at the lodge where Ramona starts treating her ski instructor like her personal cabana boy. Dorinda cannot take the awkwardness and neither can I! The poor guy just wants his tip and wants to get the hell out of there.

lodge 3.png

The topic of Tinsley’s drinking comes up again and she reveals that she’s also taking an anti-depressant. Yeah, those are not supposed to be mixed with Tito’s. But maybe after all of that sobbing last night, she needs to up her dosage.


Messy Chalet

Back at the house, Luann almost burns off her eyebrows starting to light a fire! I was legit scared for a split second but then went back and re-watched about 20 times, hysterically laughing all the way.


fire 2

Tinsley is still drinking and starts slurring pretty badly while talking about her shopping obsession. If Dorinda is saying you need to slow down, its prob time to take a good hard look in the mirror and make some changes.

dinner 3.png

Ramona is attempting to curl Sonja’s hair and it looks like a wirey mess! I don’t know if it’s Ramona’s fault or if it’s just Sonja’s hair but yeesh.

hair 2.png


Sexy Truth or Dare

At dinner Bethenny has what she thinks is a creative idea and gets the group to play truth or dare. Tinsley and Dorinda are both definitely sloshed at this point but Ramona and Sonja can’t be far behind. Does Bethenny ever actually drink her own product or only when she has to tell someone “It’s about Tom”? I can’t recall ever seeing her drunk.

dinner 4

Dorinda is wearing the same shirt that she wore to the Bronx debacle – are we going to get Clip, Clip, CLIP part 2?

dinner 2

dinner 5.png

Carole asks everyone about anal sex and Dorinda is not having it. The whole thing grosses her out and she thinks it’s wrong, wrong, wrong. Not my cup of tea either but if other people wanna do it whatevs.


Bethenny dares Sonja to make out with one of the chefs and she does it… or tries to anyway. The guy is pulling away and she keeps attacking! It was so hilarious but I just kept thinking, God what if this poor guy is married… And also the girls are sitting around eating… that is not the time to stick your tongue down someone’s throat… unless you’re Tinsley on a date with a 23 year old.


din 5.png

din 6

We find out that Carole has hooked up with George Clooney! Omg Carole! Why have you not been shouting this from the rooftops?! Bethenny asks Dorinda about John’s dick size and the answer is quite repulsive.

din 2

Bethenny has been asking all of the questions and coming up with all of the dares – have you been talking with the producers again B? Next up is Ramona who admits she’s been with 3 guys since the divorce. This leads to a blowjob discussion and Luann saying that she’s so glad she doesn’t have to deal with this stuff anymore. You don’t have to deal with sex and blowjobs now that you’re married… I think that’s still part of the package… at least in the 1st year of marriage.

di n.png

The girls are so sick of this “I’m better than all of you because I’m married” thing. Surprisingly it’s Dorinda that tells Luann to stfu and even more surprising it’s Bethenny that sticks up for her. Dorinda is really going in! She is sick of Luann gloating and like the rest of America she’s over hearing about it.


Luann just wants to be in her honeymoon phase, which is fine but no need to rub it in everyone’s face.  Her defense is that she never talks about her marriage. Wha Wha Whaaaat??? I mean, technically up to this point she’s only talk about the wedding… constantly…in every scene. After all, “It’s about Tom”

The facial expressions from everyone throughout this whole dinner were just amaze…. whole other level ladies.


din 7


It doesn’t look we’re going to see Mexico next week unfortunately, just all the arrangements leading up to Mexico. Bethenny speaks to Ramona and is about to invite her to Mexico when Ramona blows up on her – in a way that only Ramona can. So it’s still up in the air whether or not Ramona will show – but my guess is yes. I’ll have to go back and watch the mid-season trailer to confirm. (Or let me know in the comments pleeease! I’m lazy!)

What did you think of this week’s episode? Does Tinsley have a drinking problem or is it just a temporary way of dealing with stress? Are you glad that someone finally told Luann off or does she deserve some more time to celebrate?

Let me know in the comments below!

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