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Real Housewives of New York Episode 12 Recap

Regency Reunion

Another slow but still very entertaining episode of New York this week. The major event that was teased was Ramona’s cocktail party, which unfortunately didn’t stir up much drama – just discomfort.

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Jealous Bitches

Sonja and Frenchie are getting pretty serious – all of his stuff is moved in and he basically lives there when he’s in town. Like they are full blown “shacking up”! All the while, she is still dating Rocco, Frenchie knows about it (to an extent) and is totally cool with it. He tells her to brush off what other people say and calls them “jealous bitches”. He’s been hanging around Luann too much. The most annoying part of this relationship is Sonja speaking in a French accent whenever she’s around him. Cool your jets Dorit wannabe.


Kitten Proof Sofa

Finally our questions about Carole’s tattered up sofa are answered. She tells us that the sofa is old af and that her mother-in-law gave it to her while she was dating her deceased husband. Ok, now I see why she’s kept it all this time. She’s getting it reupholstered so that she can use it for another hundred years.


But Moooommy!

God Tinsley is such a whiny child – I can’t deal. She is freaking out trying to decide on an apartment or if she’s even ready for an apartment. I mean with a $9,000 per month price tag anyone would be thinking twice but she’s so damn immature about it.

apart 2.png


Her mom – in all of her fabulousness – is kind of condescending to Tinsley. “Ah yes, Tins just kinda bounces around from here to there, point to point, man to man, one bad decision to another bad decision. And who is left having to keep moving her stuff from place to place? I mean I hire people to do it, but the stress. Maybe you’d be more comfortable at a hotel Tinsley dear. I hear Trump Tower has some vacancies.”


Bread is Back!

Sweet, sweet Rocco takes Sonja out to dinner at an empty restaurant that he had rented out. Sonja attempts to tell him about Frenchie but I think she was trying to not only confuse him, but downplay the whole thing. Rocco pretty much comes out and tells her that he’s done messing around and being a bad boyfriend and wants to settle down with her. She is just breaking his heart by telling him all this Frenchie crap. But he doesn’t seem to be backing out anytime soon and the love triangle nobody asked for lives another day.


You’re So Vain… I Bet You Think This Sign is About You

Dorinda and Carole go to D.C. for the Women’s March that so many people took part in all across the country. It was very powerful and emotional to watch, but also kinda depressing knowing that it didn’t change much. I guess the point is to get your voice out there and show what a strong and powerful force women can be. Girl Power!


Cocktail Cray

Ramona has a very shady cocktail party to show off her new apartment. These women will literally have a party for anything! Her high pony is disturbing on sooo many levels! It’s actually kind of hard to even look at. It looks like it is holding her face up!


Harry is there… and Tom! So when are we going to meet Dick?! Ramona still doesn’t feel bad about the Bethenny fight and tbh she prob doesn’t even remember everything – if anything – that she said. And there were no witnesses around to tell her. Don’t mix booze and meds Ramona!


Missy shows up and it’s a little confusing to me if she’s just one of Tom’s many ex’s or the specific ex that he was making out with that specific night at the Regency. I mean I’m sure there have been plenty more both before and after but is this the one from the pic and the “It’s about Tom” scene? Either way, Tom really does handle it quite well… tells Luann that it’s his ex but that she’s very happy for them both. Luann is still just glaring in her direction which makes me think it’s the Regency girl.

Even Harry knows all about the drama is going to be good. He’s trying to get the dirt from Missy. He is stirring the pot like this is his Housewives audition – just call him the Slade Smiley of the East Coast. Is NYC really this small? Are there no other guys to date but Harry and Tom? Better lock down Rocco now Sonja!

harry 2.png



Next week drunk Dorinda is back! Yaasss!!!! It seems like the last time Dorinda flipped out was years ago, even though it was just earlier this season. The girls go on a ski trip but I’m really looking forward to the Mexico trip! The clips from the mid-season trailer looked lit af!
What did you think of this week’s episode? Is Tinsley a spoiled brat or a vulnerable, endearing character? Will Bethenny forgive Ramona on their trip or completely ignore her?

Let me know in the comments below!

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