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Below Deck Med Episode 8 Recap

Flirting with Danger

This episode was sooo juicy! This really has been a great season of Below Deck – every episode gets better and better. Hannah really turns it up this week and I am here for it! She deserves a little fun after all of the crap she has to put up with.

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The Chef Wins

Last week Malia had followed Chef what’s-his-face back to the boat and we pick up with the two of them kissing in the kitchen.


malia 2

Everyone is super annoyed that she’s with the guy who just almost f-ed up their tip. Bobby is pissed that Malia never came out and directly said that she like the Chef. “She was playing us all bro! Like last week, she told me she wanted to hang as friends and now she’s making out with that guy. Like wtf Malia? What do you want? She’s giving me mixed signals.”


Captain Sandy on the Case

The Captain is on Chef what’s-his-face’s ass now and micromanaging his every move. And it’s justified after the shit he’s pulled. Good thing too because the new charter guests are requesting a 7 course meal.

Snake in the Grass

Bugs and Hannah sit down and “hash it out”. God Hannah looks so gorgeous in this scene! Hannah is annoyed that Bugs didn’t stick up for her against Chef what’s-his-face and Bugs explains that she didn’t want to be caught in the middle.

bugs ap

Snake #2

The Chef also apologizes to Hannah for calling her a slut. Hannah explains that the slut part wasn’t even what pissed her off, it was him diminishing her rank.

chef ap.png

41 Year Old, In a 21 Year Old’s Body, with a 70 Year Old’s Bank Account

The main charter guest, Jason, is Texas’ most eligible bachelor and he is hot hot hot! He comes along with several attractive women, but they are all dating other people.


There is so much flirting going on with this group its cray! The women are following Bobby around like a pack of wild school girls. They actually even invade the crew’s quarters!  These bitches are thirsty af!

cougars 2


Jason and Hannah are constantly flirting and Hannah is def donning a lot more lipstick than usual. Work it girl!


How Can I Service You?

After dinner on the last night of charter the guests are drinking and doing shots and Hannah does some shots with them! That was one of Captain Sandy’s first rules, “No drinking on charter” which is the main reason I could never be a yachtie. The guests head off to bed and two seconds after they are gone Hannah goes sprinting after Jason! Like legit sprinting up the stairs, holding her mic pack.


She was either trying to be sneaky away from the camera or wanted to get on that before he passed out. We hear Jason say “Thank you for your amazing service” and I was waiting for Hannah to say “Oh, I’ll show you service.” Next thing we hear crazy kissing noises and even some groans. Scandalous!


OMG I so wasn’t ready for this episode to end!  I know it’s technically unprofessional but I was all for Hannah chasing down that hot ass!  Looks like next week she will have to pay the piper though and come clean to Captain Sandy.  Hopefully she doesn’t get more than a slap on the wrist and a strict talking to about the importance of naps.  I mean if the Captain couldn’t find a replacement Chef mid-season, now way she will be able to find a replacement chief stew – as if anyone could replace Hannah!

What did you think of this week’s episode?  Should Hannah have hooked up with Jason or let it alone?  How will the crew react when they find out?

Let me know in the comments below!

Episode 7   Episode 6   Episode 5   Bobby Breakdowns


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