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Southern Charm Episode 12 Recap

A Tribe Called Key West

This season is finally hitting its stride – but I feel like we’re nearing the end, which I’m not ready for. I feel like a total monster saying this, but sober Kathryn is kinda boring. I mean I want her to be happy and healthy (and with her children) but the drama seems to be lacking this year with her on the wagon.

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Just a Girl and Her Peanut Butter

Shep goes to visit Chelsea – man he just stops by her house whenever. Girl is trying to relax in her pjs and eat peanut butter!

peanut 2

He apologizes and explains his whole lure/fish theory. Stop comparing Chelsea to a lure Shep – not romantic! He tells her that he really did like her and wanted to be more than a hook up. But two seconds later he’s calling her a pathetic cat lady – like don’t push your luck Shep!


New BFFs

Kathryn goes over to Cameran’s house to have a chat. Kathryn is explaining the joys of motherhood to Cam, who has this petrified look on her face – and honestly, sames.

cam 2

Cam is concerned about Landon and Kathryn being together on the trip to Key West. Kathryn tells her how the whole feud got started: Landon went on a trip with Thomas that had been planned for Kathryn and Thomas…on Valentine’s Day.

kat and cam

Cameran acts super shocked to be hearing this information for the first time ever! Puulease! This is so fake Cam! We all already knew this info so there was no way that you didn’t know too. It came out on last year’s reunion and it didn’t change your opinion of Landon then. It’s more likely that the audience opinions of Landon are what changed your opinion of her – she’s a sinking ship and you’re jumping off it.


Flip Flop

Austen and Chelsea are in the car on their way to meet Austen’s parents for dinner. Chelsea backtracks on her story of Shep “grabbing” her and says instead that he “took a hold” of her. Um, what?! Wtf is the difference between grabbing and take a hold of something? Austen is super frustrated and visibly agitated with this sudden new twist of the events.


Everything goes great at dinner and Austen’s family seems to love Chelsea.  They tell her a story of Austen tickling people’s feet with palms on Palm Sunday.  Wow, what a bad ass that Austen is…. maybe he should be friends with Wes from Below Deck Med.


Arriba, Arriba (Cam Knows This Isn’t Mexico, Right?)

We are finally getting a Housewives style trip as the gang heads to Key West y’all! Cameran really wanted to make this trip all inclusive – even Jennifer Snowden got an invite! The girls are relaxing on the beach and Cam starts explaining to Landon why Kathryn hates her guts.


Landon gets super defensive right away and starts lashing out. Chelsea tried to kind of stick up for Kathryn saying that she wouldn’t like that bullshit either. Landon fires back that she doesn’t believe in girl code. That’s not a good sign. Girls who don’t believe in girl code will be the first ones trying to get on your man. Landon thinks that the other girls are being manipulated by Kathryn and she will reveal her true self once again. Landon is really pulling a Shannon Beador here, “You will all see the truth!”


Codependency, All Time High

Austen and Landon end up on the beach alone – because Landon is begging him like a crazy person to stay.

hammock 2


Chelsea is watching them out the window like a hawk. Landon is really getting a reputation as a man stealer.  If even such a gorgeous girl as Chelsea is insecure, what hope is there for the rest of us?  I don’t think Austen would ever screw up his chances with Chelsea for dolphin-voiced Landon.  And if there’s anyone he doesn’t have enough money for….it’s her.

window 2



Shep and Austen talk and Austen explains that he was most upset about Shep not valuing their friendship. Shep apologizes and cements their bromance by getting matching shirts for them. Cute.



Wine, Dine, and Apologize

Everyone is getting ready for dinner and we get this really creepy shot of Thomas just dead staring at his reflection in the mirror – so bone chilling!


Kathryn makes a hysterical comment about hoping to do some dolphin watching at dinner! Omg she has to know that the people of the internet have crowned Landon as princess dolphin, so well done Kathryn.

At dinner Kathryn orders a drink and everyone gives her side eye – I mean she is on vacation! I really don’t think that all people who have addiction issues have to give up every single substance for good. Some people need to quit absolutely everything, but what if someone had a past coke addiction but they can still handle a glass or two of pinot.

Kathryn and Landon awkwardly start to talk and try to resolve their issues. Craig tries to get in the middle and it is Dani… DANI who calls him out.

dinner 1

So while Kathryn and Landon are talking, Craig and Dani are loudly arguing in the background! It was pretty spectacular.


The girls hug it out but then we cut to Kat in her interview, “Fake!”

dinner 2

So Much For Peace

The next morning everyone is hung over af. We see some shots of their night out at a drag show – and if you’ve ever been to Key West you know that there’s no shortage of drag shows to choose from.


Kat and Thomas get into an argument and start throwing around the term “court order”. God these two just cannot help but fight dirty!  Kathryn does that mature thing and walks away and Landon actually sticks up for her basically telling him to stfu!



I don’t think the truce between Landon and Kathryn will last very long.  They weren’t able to really sit down and hash it out without everyone butting in… ahem, ahem… Craig!  And I’m not even sure that Landon was genuine… she was just talking major shit about Kathryn on the beach.  I don’t think Kathryn trusts Cameran either, but she’s more willing to tolerate her.  We see more Craig and Naomi drama which is kind of a snooze fest since we know that they’re still together.  It looks like Thomas and Kathryn will get a chance to talk so we should be hearing the announcement of baby number three any day now.

What did you think of this week’s episode?  Was Landon’s apology genuine or was she just trying to get everyone to stop hating her?  Will Thomas and Kat get back together again…. again?

Let me know in the comments below!

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