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Real Housewives of New York Episode 11 Recap

A Countess No More

No major fights or drama in this episode but it was somehow still very entertaining. We finally see Luann make it down the aisle “Can you believe it?” Not much fanfare there though – the whole thing was glossed over pretty quickly. I’m guessing this must’ve been her choice because we know how Bravo loves a good wedding special.

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Oh Skinny Girl, Oh Skinny Girl

Bethenny has a Christmas party that couldn’t be more different than Dorinda’s – not better or worse, just different. There is a giant ass Skinny Girl ice luge and it looks pretty amaze balls! There’s fancy seafood being made by a professional chef and personalized ornaments with the ladies faces printed on them. Bethenny really went all out and so did the ladies with their over the top sparkling outfits – but no one is there besides this small group of 6. Seems like a lot of trouble for such a small party.


The girls are loving the ice luge – even Carole who doesn’t normally drink gets in on the action. Tinsley attempts to do a shot but ends up spitting most of it out. Damn what is with this girl and not being able to keep things in her mouth?! She couldn’t keep Adam’s sexy salad down either.

luge 2

Dorinda is still upset (and rightfully so) about Ramona trashing her house. We get a flash back of Dorinda drunkenly confronting Ramona, who still just brushes the whole thing off. She is actually kind of laughing in her face – but Dorinda is so drunk that she doesn’t notice.

Out with the Girls

Ramona goes out for drinks with Avery and a bunch of her 21 year old friends. God this scene is so pathetic to watch! These children are only hanging out with you because they know you’ll pick up the bill and they want to be on TV. They patiently listen to Ramona vent about her issues with Bethenny and Dorinda. But God the looks on some of their faces is like “get us the f out of here.”


It’s About Tom

Luann’s wedding happened pretty fast – after it was over I was like, that was it? Everything she is saying in her interviews sounds like she just wanted to be married in general and Tom would do. Like do you hear yourself Luann?! And then it was over – and thank God because I’m so sick of talking about this relationship.


wed 2


Sonja’s boy toy has been playing house and is slowing moving his stuff into Sonja’s townhouse. Sonja doesn’t seem to be ready for this change but she’s not protesting either. I think she doesn’t want to admit that she actually likes this guy and wants to maintain her “Sonja” reputation of free floating party girl.


After Party

Tom and Luann have an after wedding party to celebrate. WTF is an after wedding party?! And why would you invite people who weren’t invited to the actual wedding?! The party is in this crappy looking conference room – but even smaller. It’s like the room before the room. The whole thing is just tacky af but to be reals the producers probably threw it together last minute to try and squeeze out some more drama.


There is no food at this party – only wine. This probably explains why everyone seems extra turnt up! Some of the ladies are getting very sloppy… ahem Sonja… ahem Ramona. They are both talking about their dates right in front of them like they can’t hear them. When Sonja introduces her date to Tom and Luann, Tom gets weirded out and kisses Luann. But he doesn’t just kiss her, he grabs her necks from the front first and pulls her in. It was very disturbing! Chilling!



Next week we see Sonja come clean with Rocco about her live-in lover Frenchie. I was sort of rooting for Rocco but c’est la vie. The girls try to get Bethenny and Ramona to reconcile but all I can think about is Ramona’s ponytail being pulled so damn tight on her head that it must be holding her face up. Missy shows up – another of Tom’s exes. He says something about The Regency – so is this the infamous make out girl?!!! God I hope so. I am ready for Mexico and all the craziness we saw in the mid-season trailer!


What did you think of this week’s episode?  Was the after wedding party tacky af or a way to get everyone involved?  Will Sonja choose Rocco or Frenchie?

Let me know in the comments below!

Episode 10   Episode 9   Episode 8  Gross Moments   Dorinda Loses It

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