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Real Housewives of New York Episode 10 Recap

Black Out and Get Out

A fight for the history books – it didn’t make a whole lot of sense, but it sure was entertaining! Ramona tries to take a shot at Miss B and she missed the mark by a landslide. Jill Zarin’s return was less than impressive, but we’ll take what we can get. Luann is only a few days away from her delusional wedding to habitual cheater Tom. And we get an over the top, crazy yet amazing look at part two of this season.

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Clash of the Titans

Are you kidding me?! Are you kidding me?!!! We’re back at the Bethenny vs Ramona smack down and man does this shit get good.

ram 3

ram 2

Bethenny brings up examples of all the times Ramona has been a terrible friend: The Brooklyn bridge debacle, the stolen dresses that will never die, and recently bringing up Bethenny’s past porn history in front of an audience. Ramona completely loses it and starts saying that Bethenny fucked her way to the top while Ramona is a self-made woman. WTF Ramona? Who has Bethenny fucked?! We have endless footage of her trying to pawn health muffins at the grocery store.

beth fight

Ramona tries to say that Bethenny’s company is going downhill – um, then why am I sipping on Skinny Gril as we speak? Don’t try to compare liquor sales Ramona – you’re not gonna win that fight.

Bethenny pulls her go-to move and decides to leave – her sidekick Carole of course in tow. Before she gets out the door Ramona tells Carole that Bethenny doesn’t like to hang out with her and thinks she’s booooring. Then why do they go everywhere together Ramona? Seriously wtf is she on?


The morning after we hear that Sonja was passed out while sitting straight up but still looking as beautiful as ever. Where is this footage camera men? Sonja must be waiting until the minute those guys walk out the door to start chugging some booze.

Ramona tries to tell Dorinda that she fought with Bethenny because she didn’t like how B was slandering John. Um, wtf do you think you did Ramona? You were much more terrible to John.

Luann comes down in a future bride bedazzled shirt – I mean really? We fucking get it Luann – you’re getting married! But damn, you are in your 50s and this is your second marriage – take it down a notch. Luann makes her famous egg a la Francé – another thing she needs to take down a notch.  This was def my puke moment of the week – she is so over the top with this fake ass wedding shit, I can’t take it!

wedding shirty.png

Sonja comes down wearing a pair on Dorinda’s pajamas, which is so damn weird! Apparently the pajamas were a gift from Richard to Dorinda and were being stored in a zipper bag and Sonja thought for some reason that it was ok to go through Dorinda’s closet and wear them. WTF?!


We later learn that Ramona had ripped light fixtures off the walls in her room at Dorinda’s and Dorinda is truly very hurt about it. OMG Ramona! What a crazed animal! Seriously, who the fuck does that?!

Get Out!

Tinsley heads over to Carole’s to eat “sexy salad” and look at an apartment in the building. What a refreshing change of brokers – I was expecting Fredrick to answer the door. Adam is trying to get a hot shot of the girls eating the “sexy salad” and Tinsley is dropping the food from her mouth. Hot.

sexy salad


I’m Heeeereee!!!

Jill Zarin is back – and so is Baaaabby. Sweet Bobby is looking very old. Jill admits that she misses the gossip – we know sweetie, and I’m sure you’re also missing that check and constant attention.


Luann and Tom stick together as a united front when it comes to the gossip surrounding Tom’s alleged escapades.

la and tom.png

We get an amazing Jill/Ramona flashback and then learn that Jill has beef with Ramona because she wasn’t invited to a party. This is exactly why we don’t need Jill Zarin back – she is petty about the dumbest shit. And as quick as she came – Jill is gone again….hopefully for good this time.


Are Those Your Real Tits?

Carole has an art exhibit thing to show off naked paintings of her.

art carole

All of the girls show up for Carole – including Ramona and Bethenny. Ramona is still coked up or something and still acting completely crazy.

art ram 2.png

When Dorinda mentions how badly Ramona trashed her room, she completely brushed it off and changes the subject. Ramona is also shit talking Bethenny to anyone who will listen.

art ram.png

Hall Pass

Luann and Tom are driving in the car – ready for the upcoming wedding activities. They are talking about splitting off the night before and not spending the night together. Tom agrees, as long as he can get a hall pass. Luann laughs at this proposition but her face says it all. She wants to smack the shit out of him but knows she has to stay strong for at least the next 72 hours. If my fiancé were talking about having a hall pass the night before our wedding I would go legit “Gone Girl” on his ass!!!



The “still to come” trailer has me legit salivating at the mouth like one of Pavlov’s dogs! This trailer was lit af! The girls finally make it to Mexico and it looks like a lot of shenanigans transpire. Harry shows up again for the second time this season. So we have Tom, Harry, and we need a Dick. Luann takes a hard fall and it looks pretty bad but she seems to be ok.


Dorinda finally hits the martinis and is slurring some nonsense and all the while Bethenny is literally mocking her right in front of her face! Omfg I can’t wait!!!


What did you think of this week’s episode? Who’s side are you on Bethenny’s or Ramona’s? Who do you think has sold more alcohol? Lol!!!! Where you excited to see Jill back?

Let me know in the comments below!

Episode 9   Episode 8   Episode 7  Dorinda Loses It   Gross Moments

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