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Southern Charm Episode 10 Recap

The Hangover

Based on last week’s episode and previews, I was pretty excited about this episode.   But man what a letdown this week was. The Bravo editors have tricked me once again! What a snooze fest!

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Birthday Party

I was really excited to see Kathryn show up for her and Thomas’s son Saint’s birthday party. When Thomas sees her arrive he proclaims, “Oh, the mother’s here.” What kind of greeting is that?!! Patricia is talking major shit on the car ride over. She really needs to let this faux feud go. It is starting to look pathetic. Take a page out of Cameran’s book or forever be labelled a mean old hag. Thomas and Kathryn’s interactions are so awky!!! I almost have to look away. I am feeling second hand embarrassment and anxiety watching them interact.


awk 2

But just when I think I’m starting to get a soft spot for Kathryn, she goes and pulls another bitchy move. She walks straight past Jennifer Snowden – who is waving at looking directly at Kathryn -and completely ignores her and her baby.


Thomas and Kathryn get along as best they can and have some sweet scenes with the baby. The whole thing is pretty uneventful, which is good for Thomas and Kathryn’s situation, but it makes for boring TV.


Shady Lunch

Landon and Jennifer Snowden go out to lunch together. Have these two ever even spoken to each other before? Landon is all about Kathryn’s sloppy seconds – first Thomas, now Snowden. “Oh, you hate Kathryn too. Heeeheeeheeeee! Let’s get lunch somewhere Roam-worthy Thaaaank yoouu.” Snowden also has ulterior motives for this lunch. Now that she was snubbed by Kathryn she is all about hooking up Landon and Thomas. How convenient.

lunch 2

Courting a la Patricia

Over at Patricia’s, her and Thomas (who look the same age) are enjoying some bourbon sours and also discussing the state of his and Landon’s relationship. She is pushing him to court Landon the old fashioned way and call on her for a walk. I wonder how Patricia knew that this is the exact thing Landon wants out of a relationship – walks. Thanks producers.


Here, Have a Flower

Like a good southern boy, Thomas heeds his elder’s advice and calls upon Landon for a walk by just showing up at her house randomly. He brings her a rose and Landon replies, “For the future, roses are my favorite.” The correct response is “thank you”!!!


They go for a walk with the dog – all of Landon’s dreams are coming true! I think the conclusion of this scene is them deciding to give a relationship a shot – or they could just be going to get drunk. Either way, there had better be a camera ready when Kathryn hears about this!


Craig Actually Does Something Right!

Craig and Naomi take their cat for a car ride to McDonalds and to Craig’s new house. What sort of cat enjoys car rides? Finally Naomi is excited about something that has to do with Craig.


She tells Cam that Landon told her Thomas showed up with a bouquet of flowers and professes his love. Um, if that’s what “here, have a flower” means…. Only Landon would be this delusional. Even Craig is ashamed for you.


I Could Go for a Beer

Shep shows up at Chelsea’s unannounced and asking for a beer.


He tells her that he’s trying to become a one woman man – all while digging through her fridge and eating anything he can get his hands on. Way to win her over Shep – stop by to eat all her food and drink all her beer???



He is really regretting messing up his chances with Chelsea – I mean she has the best food!

Where the F is Shepy?

Cut to the next day – Cam is waiting on Shep who is mia and not showing up for their appointment or answering his phone. Two hours later and still no Shep.


So Cam decides to stalk his ass and shows up at his house. There are empty beers, drinks, and cigarette butts littered throughout his entire house.


am 2.png

Cam barges into his bedroom to check on him – what if he was naked? But no, Shep is fully clothed in last night’s getup – a la Jax Taylor asleep in his Sur button down. Cam tries to give him the business but Shep is def still drunk and half asleep.

shep 2.png


Sweet Kensie is doing a photo shoot and looks adorable as ever – but we also see that both Thomas and Kathryn are together at the shoot. Kathryn later has a breakdown about not being able to be there for Kensie. But, it doesn’t look like she gets word of the whole Thomas/Landon sitch – which is disappointing. Shep admits that he’s unhappy and we hear Chelsea’s side of the story about Shep forcing himself on her at a bar. Wtf is Shep on this season? It has got to be more than just booze.

What did you think of this week’s episode?  Are you on Kathryn’s side or Landon’s?  Will Landon and Thomas become an item?

Let me know in the comments below!

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