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7 Top Moments – Southern Charm Episode 9


Look Who’s Coming to Lunch

I had high hopes for this episode but it was kind of a let down.  The drama factor was not there for me but a lot of little things happened that hopefully will lead up to big explosions. Episode 8    Episode 7    Episode 6    Episode 5

1.) Craig Does Good… or Does He?

Craig has finally, finally finished law school and has also finally learned how to use the wireless printer.


Surprisingly, Naomi – who just came from getting a master’s degree and saving African orphans – doesn’t seem quite as thrilled as I expected. I legit thought she’d be jumping for joy, but she kind of gives Craig some shit about it. She doesn’t even believe him and actually laughs in his face. She all like, “About time, I was gonna dump your ass soon if this didn’t happen.”





2.) Housewives of Home Goods

Am I watching a commercial for Home Goods?! Didn’t they get enough publicity when Bethenny almost bled to death in their store last season on RHONY? Cameran is trying to show everyone how down to earth she is by shopping here – a true woman of the people.

home goods

She thinks that one of the chaise lounges looks like something Patricia would have – as if! Patricia is screaming at her tv right about now! The nerve! Patricia would never be seen in the parking lot of a Home Goods.



3.) Shaky Shep

Shep is trying to arrange a lunch with Cam and Kathryn. His hands are shaky af when he’s holding the phone – alcohol withdrawal much? He legit has the shakes! Cam isn’t really into the whole idea until Shep brings up the words “mean girl” and damn she changes her tune real quick.



4.) Date From Hell

Thomas and Landon go on a dinner date and omg Landon… omfg! I cannot – cannot handle her laugh over and over again like a washed up dolphin. Some scary ass noise comes out of her mouth when the waiter hands over her drink, “ahhehhhahh, ttthhaaaank yoooou.” Oh god, my blood boiled!


Landon pretty much tries to let Thomas down easy – this isn’t gonna fucking happen buddy, too much baggage. Thomas replied to tell the haters to “go fuck thyself.” Out of the blue, some drunk lady butts in and declares Thomas and Landon soul mates.

drunk lady 2

This is so uncomfortable to watch and Landon is screaming inside, “STFU!!!” So awky!

drunk lady


5.) Southern Style Lunch

Cameran decides to spring Whitney onto Kathryn at this “peaceful” lunch.

kat 2

The whole thing actually goes pretty well. Cam owns up to distancing herself from Kat for pretty much no reason and Whitney says he wants to leave the past in the past. And they both declare their support. Kathryn replies with a “yeah”, and doesn’t apologize or acknowledge any of her cray cray actions. But by the end, they are all laughing and back to harassing Craig – all is well is Southern Charm land.



6.) This is Not Roam-Worthy!

Landon finds out that she can’t name her company or website “Roam” because it’s already taken – um duh! You don’t say!


Landon makes yet another guy spit out his drink in shock/disgust as she declares that her eggs are drying up.


She breaks up with her boy toy but has a huge pity party throughout the whole ordeal. Um hello?! He’s the one being broken up with!

landon cry


landon cry 2.png


7.) Let’s Try This Again, Part 5

Whitney is at Thomas’s house and shockingly sticks up for Kathryn. That lunch really must’ve changed his mind.


Thomas heeds Whitney’s advice and writes a letter back to Kat inviting her to Saint’s 1st birthday party. Elizabeth very sweetly and classily delivers the letter to Kathryn.


The gist is pretty much they are both agreeing to become friends for their children’s sake and avoid any sort of future romantic relationship. But also neither of them trusts each other and think that everything is a set up – so let’s see how this goes.

letter 2



Kathryn is going to show up to the birthday party. I think this will turn out ok – I mean she’s not gonna bring out the cray at her child’s birthday party…. We would think. Shep is still upset over losing Chelsea to Austen and goes on a huge bender. And that’s literally all that is in the preview. So we know that next episode is gonna be a snooze fest but I’m still here for it! What do y’all think of this week’s episode?  Has Kathryn changed for the better and should the group give her another shot?  Will next week have an unexpected twist? Let me know in the comments below! Episode 8    Episode 7    Episode 6    Episode 5

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