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Recap – Real Housewives of New York Episode 8


Return to the Berzerkshires

So much happened in this episode and yet nothing actually happened in this episode. There were a lot of small moments all over the place, but not one big dramatic moment. I’m hoping they are just easing us into the Berkshire trip and that there is more madness to come. Episode 7    Episode 6   Puke Moments



Shameless Plug

Bethenny and Fredrick are still pushing this new real estate show that no one asked for or wanted. We see what you are doing guys. This is not HGTV, this is Bravo! Ugh!  I can already envision the fake out transition into the new show when we all think we’re really getting a 2 hour episode of Housewives – a la the Vanderpump Rules/Summer House transition.



Tell Me It’s Not About Tom

Tom and Luann are out for a walk and this scene gets cut with a scene of Ramona and Carole gossiping about another one of Tom’s alleged escapades. Luann says that she likes being able to turn the tv on in the middle of the night and that Tom doesn’t mind. Wow, true love?! Does she hear herself?! Can she find anything of actual substance to say about this man and why she loves him? She really is one of those girls who would rather be in a terrible relationship than be in no relationship at all.



Where’s the Receipts?

Ramona is accusing Tom of trying to stick his tongue down one of her friend’s throats. I’m going to start needing some receipts! Where are the pics? Do your homework Ramona. This is why Bethenny is smarter than you when it comes to reality tv and life in general. If you keep running your mouth without proof, it just looks catty and pathetic.

ramona gossip


Berkshires 1

Ramona and Sonja are the first to arrive and they talk with Dorinda about Tinsley not being open enough with the other ladies. I agree with this but I don’t think it’s that Tinsley is being closed off, it’s that she doesn’t have anything important to say. Her personality has been pretty blah, she doesn’t have much depth, and she seems to have lived a shelter life (except for her mom fat shaming her). Her jail time was the most interesting thing to happen to Tinsley and she’s already talked that to death.



Berkshires 2

Bethenny and Carole are the next to, begrudgingly, arrive. Wtf are these bitches wearing?  They are both draping in faux fur and it’s not doing them any favors.  They go off on their own to talk about – what else- Tom! Didn’t you two just spend a long trip in the car together? Couldn’t have talked about this then? Bethenny has supposedly been hearing shit about Tom as well. I thought she said after her last experience that she was never going to get involved again… old habits.

beth carole


Side note

The ladies are crumbling up old newspaper and trying to start a fire and Sonja finds an ad and says, “Wait a minute, there’s a sale.” I don’t know why but this made me laugh so hard. Maybe it was the pinot kicking in tbh. I could just picture her discreetly pocketing the ad – even though it’s probably expired.



It’s About Tom

All the ladies gather up to keep talking about Tom and bully Dorinda into being the one to confront Luann. I don’t get why the ladies care this much – no matter what they uncover they know Luann is not going to do a damn thing about it. We know he’s a douche bag, she knows and doesn’t give a fuck so why should we? Sonja puts in perfectly when she says that she’s not surprised but she knows it won’t change Luann’s mind.



She’s Used to Having Help

Tinsley and Sonja get into it over Sonja’s assistant, Connor. Apparently Tinsley had asked him to answer the door if a package arrived for her. Sonja is ticked that Tinsley is bossing around her help. Is it really that big of a deal to have someone answer the door?! This whole thing is so ridiculous and hilarious! They have a quick little sissy cat fight, with lots of squealing on Tinsley’s side. I was really hoping for a huge blow up but I think it’s coming soon. Tinsley is starting to get aggravated a lot easier and faster than before.

ramona fight




It’s Still About Tom

Luann and Dorinda sit down to talk about Tom. “Tell me it’s not about Tom.” “It’s about Tom.” Dorinda needs to lay off the martinis. I get that she was nervous to have this convo, but I’m having a hard time following along without subtitles. Lots of slurring. She did definitely handle this the right way though. She didn’t attack Luann or make accusatory remarks about Tom – but she also kinda glossed over a lot of the specifics.  Luann’s body language is completely telling – she keeps grabbing at the collar of her shirt as if it’s choking her.  It reminds me how a nervous man would keep loosening his tie in an uncomfortable situation.

tom talk


lu collar



Well apparently, the “Dorinda talk” wasn’t sufficient enough for the rest of the girls because next episode we see them all individually confront Luann about Tom. First Ramona tries her humiliation tactic and then Behtenny goes in with the tears.  Somehow I’m thinking – call it intuition – that neither of these attempts will persuade Luann to call the wedding off.  Bethenny and Ramona finally sit down to hash this fight out – please don’t get up and walk out again Bethenny! What did you think of this week’s episode?  Slow on the drama or jam packed with juicy tidbits?  Let me know in the comments below! Episode 7    Episode 6   Puke Moments

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