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5 Moments – Southern Charm Episode 8


Sari, Not Sari

This episode was pretty anti-climactic. It was one of those filler episodes that you need to build the suspense for the good drama that is coming next. The Indian themed party that was built up to look so over the top in the trailer at the beginning of the season, fell a little flat for me. It was nowhere near the same level as Thomas’s past dinner parties. Somehow, I managed to narrow the highlights down to just 5 this week.

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Couple’s Counseling

Craig and Naomi head to couple’s counseling so Naomi can finally have a third party tell Craig he’s being a dumbass. Craig wants Naomi to have his back unconditionally even when he’s doing something ridiculous, like sewing. Naomi says that Craig yells too much. He blames this on being from the north – I mean you’re not from Jersey Craig. Naomi has a great line, “Being from the north doesn’t give you an excuse to be an ass.” Burn! Craig says he doesn’t want to argue in front of other people and surprisingly I agree with Craig on this one. It is uncomfortable for everyone when a couple is arguing around the group. And speaking of Jersey, we don’t want another Ronnie and Sammie sitch on our hands.



Friend Date

Landon and Austen are out on a friend date at a local bar. I don’t think they’re being flirty or inappropriate in any way – just laughing and having fun as friends.

bar 1

Right as I was thinking that Austen is Landon’s replacement Shep, guess who just happens to walk in the door. Good old Shepy. He thinks he has this whole situation figured out – but I really think it’s a lot more innocent that he hopes it is. Shep starts talking mad shit about Chelsea and Austen. I think he’s trying to be funny and playful but it’s coming off as more hurtful and rude.



The Real Date

Austen and Chelsea go on a date to this American Ninja Warrior playground place. I think Chelsea is a little trashier that she’s been letting on – as evident by the boner talk.


But then finally, after several dates talking only about beer and Shep, these two finally have a conversation of substance. They start talking about Austen’s family and he reveals that he had an older sister who tragically passed away. This was so sad and terrible and literally brought me to tears. It was pretty brave of Austen to share his story on camera.



Life of a Model

Kathryn comes into Chelsea’s shop to get her hair styled. These two have never met before and what better time than when Kathryn needs someone to talk to on camera. This scene screams set up, but no one else will film with Kathryn so they have to pawn her off on the new girl. salon Kathryn says she hasn’t talked to Thomas in over a year – wow time to move on girl. She wrote him a letter basically apologizing and proclaiming her undying love to him. He’s not buying it as we see when he reads the very personal letter out loud to J.D. and to the Bravo world.



Curry Anyone?

Patricia has an Indian theme dinner party with her quirky, manners obsessed girlfriend, Georgette. When Cameran walks in, looking gorgeous per ushe, everyone is fawning all over her and her amazing outfit.


And then the Wal-mart version of Cam walks in, straight off the bike taxi – Landon. They don’t make quite as much of a fuss of her thrown on sari.


But it is Michael the butler who steals the show.


Georgette is so fabulous! She shows off some huge ass rock on her hand! Damn I should’ve made my fiancée step it up a notch! Damn, I feel inadequate. I would not be leaving the house without a body guard if that was on my hand!


A fortune teller arrives and tells Cameran that she will have a baby by the end of 2017 – which came true! But for the most part, it seems like this lady is just telling everyone what they want to hear. She says that Landon does have a soul mate who is in the room – my money’s on Michael the butler!


Whitney mentions that Kathryn had called him and wanted to get together to talk. I’ll tell ya, nothing fires this group up more than a reference to Kathryn. They immediately start shouting their opinions and then shouting at each other how they disagree with their opinions.


It breaks down to Shep and Craig thinking everyone should give Kathryn another chance and forgive, and Landon and Cam thinking that Kathryn is manipulative and everyone should stay out of it.

craig and shep

The boys are pretty ticked at Cameran and are really giving it to her outside, but she just wants everyone to mind their business and not get involved.

Outside Cam



Landon tried to break it easy to her boy-toy that she’s too old for him. Kathryn is out with Shep and Craig, and Cam and Whitney come strolling up. More Chelsea/Shep/Austen love triangle drama. The big cliffhanger is the letter that Thomas writes back to Kathryn. I think that Cam will slowly let Kathryn back in, even though she doesn’t want to share camera time, because she knows she will look like a mean girl if she doesn’t.  Landon however, will continue to be stubborn and completely snub Kathryn – as evident by the sneak peak fight we see with Chelsea. What did you think of this week’s episode?  Was there more drama that I left out or are you snoring along with me?  What drama are you looking forward to? Let me know in the comments below! Episode 7    Episode 6   Episode 5

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