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7 Highlights – Real Housewives of New York Episode 7


Bidding on Love

This episode had A LOT of filler but it was all still decently entertaining.  Tinsley steps into the Sonja category of hooking up with younger men.  We get some good gossip about Luanna and Tom, but nothing that we weren’t already thinking.  And let’s face it, we already know how the story end anyway so not much build up there. Episode 6   Episode 5   Episode 4   Puke Moments   Dorinda Loses It

1.) Why Do I Always Have to Be the Bigger Person?

Ramona and Avery are shopping and talking about the whole Bethenny sitch. Avery is the Briana Gunvelson of the east coast – voice of reason to a crazy mother. Avery calls out Ramona for her aggressive body language and her delivery when confronting people.



2.) Boss Bitch Bethenny

Bethenny bought a new place in SoHo and is already talking about flipping it. She is laying the groundwork for her upcoming real estate show with Fredrick. No one is interested Bethenny – this is a show that no one asked for or wanted.



3.) Cougars on the Town

The cougars are set lose for a night on the town when Sonja, Ramona, and Tinsley meet up to hunt age inappropriate men. Ramona’s drink order is so out of control and high maintenance, I can’t even. She wants a glass of ice water – but in a wine glass. And a separate glass of 1 shot vodka, club soda, and 3 limes – also in a wine glass. Uh, what?! How are you going to catch a buzz that way Ramona?


She also gives Tinsley some dating tips that include going to steak houses, sitting at the bar, smiling a lot, and asking for a water….. wow. She also attempts to drink out her straw seductively… nasty. As if that wasn’t disturbing enough – she walks through the kitchen and does some disgusting tongue thing where she kinda licks her lips in a truly horrifying way. It was chilling.


Tinsley meets a 23 year old baby faced boy named Chad. Both Ramona and Sonja try to move in on this guy but of course Tinsley wins his affections. This kid legit looks 16.


Tinsley has a graphic make out sesh with this young man. It’s pretty off-putting. I mean, even Sonja has never been seen doing such behavior on camera before!

make ouy.png


4.) Bethenny’s Bald Boyfriend

Bethenny’s new boyfriend, Dennis, is bald – why are there so many bald men in New York?! She quickly glosses over how she and Dennis met/started dating. He called her out of the blue after his divorce, proclaimed his love to her and that was that.



5.) Tinsley’s Teenage Date

Tinsley goes bowling on a typical 13-year old date with her almost teenage love interest, Chad. She is trying so hard to show him that she’s young and fun – lots of high pitched squealing was involved.


She feeds Chad some sort of food and before he has 2 seconds to chew it, she started making out with him! This was so nasty and def won the award for my puke moment of the week! She compares herself to a bird wanting to eat the food out of his mouth – so she’s either super horny or super hungry. Either way, it made me almost go full bird mode and puke my food back into my mouth. Get a grip girl!



6.) It’s All About Girlfriends

Ramona meets up with her “friends”, one of which conveniently also had previously dated Tom. Ramona takes this opportunity to trash all of the other girls and their dating lives – um when did you get so much more successful in the men department than the other women? She brings up Tom, giving her friend the perfect moment to spill the tea. We see what you are doing here Ramona! It is so fucking transparent and obvious that you are setting this whole scene up to embarrass Luann…again. Apparently this woman was dating Tom, what she thought was exclusively, and walked in on Tom and Luann together. What is this info supposed to mean to us? We already know Tom was a total sleaze ball and we already know that Luann doesn’t give a fuck about anything B.L. – Before Lu. So unless someone has some recent dirt, save it because it’s only making you look catty.



7.) I Made It Nice!

Dorinda has a charity function and she tried her damnedest to make it nice. The auction items include clothing from Sonja, a drinks with Luann date, a night in the Berkshires with Dorinda, and some random products from Carole – so overall, great haul Dorinda. Top notch shit. And wtf is Dorinda drinking? It looks like windshield wiper fluid.


Dorinda also threatens to close down the bar if people don’t start bidding on these terrible auction items. The situation is so dire that Bethenny and Carole start whoring themselves out to get people to consider bidding. Bethenny does a pretty spot on imitation of Ramona – it gave me life.

beth 2


beth 1

Bethenny finally and awkwardly meets Tom for the first time. This was so cringe-worthy. She says “Sorry if I caused you any drama” to which Tom completely ignored. Luann said that Tom handled the situation very well and like a gentleman – more like he totes disregarded the whole thing and changed the topic.


There’s another appearance from a “friend of”, this time of Luann. This woman named Barbara does much more damage that Ramona’s fake meet up with yet another of Tom’s exs. Barbara and Carole are talking off camera and this woman obvi doesn’t understand how reality tv works. Well hang on sister, this is your “secretly talking about a pirate in French” moment.


She spills the beans that Luann would rather save face and go through with the wedding and get a divorce later that call the whole thing off. She also says that Tom is still out and about with other girls.


And with that juicy tidbit we end the episode.


Again Bethenny is with Fredrick and prepping us for this new show that I could personally give 2 shits about. Dorinda is back at it – making it nice for the holidays at the Berkshires. Let’s hope there’s as much drama as there was last year. I would like to hope that someone could get through to Luann – but at this point we all already know that the bitch walked down the aisle so what’s the damn point. It’s pretty much along the same line of the election drama earlier this season – we all already know how the whole shit show turns out. “Not well bitch.” What did you think of this week’s episode? Are we leading into some great drama or have we already peaked on this season? Will Sonja and Tinsley have a huge blow up after all of the passive aggressiveness or keep sweeping shit under the rug a la Katie and Tom? Let me know in the comments below! Episode 6   Episode 5   Episode 4   Puke Moments   Dorinda Loses It

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