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Recap – Real Housewives of New York Episode 6

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Wishful Invitation

Not much happened in the first half of this episode. Here’s a quick breakdown – but heads up, it may put you to sleep.

  • Dorinda and her family visit Richard’s grave to mark the 5th anniversary of his death – so sad and tough to watch, but very sweet all the same.  Hannah’s meaningful words legit brought me to tears.
  • Trouble is brewing at the townhouse between Sonja and Tinsley. Tinsley is starting to get uncomfortable staying there and I would be too considering the brown ice situation! Sonja blames Tinsley for the brown ice, saying that it was yellow before Tinsley showed up…. Like that’s any better Sonja! Nasty!


  • Luann shows off her wedding dress and I’m kind of underwhelmed. I mean it was pretty and all but nothing spectacular.  She is so freaking happy though and she really does deserve a grand wedding.


  • Some obnoxious friend of Tinsley’s is driving around her dogs in a Barbie Jeep – I don’t even want to give this snooty bitch any more attention. So extra.


  • We finally, finally address Carole’s tattered up, raggedy ass couch…. Buy a new couch Carole!  Bethenny is super chill about it – just put a throw over it.  You know if that would be anyone but Carole’s couch, Bethenny would be going in hard.








The Meat

All the girls are out for drinks and Ramona tells Luann that she bought her plane ticket for the wedding and is waiting on her invitation. Luann tells Ramona several times that she is not invited (awkward!) and that she doesn’t want any drama. Ramona claims that she didn’t start any of the drama – it was all Tom… ok delusional. She continues flapping her gums and blurts out that people are taking bets on whether or not this wedding will actually happen. Oh snap! New level of Ramona rudeness has been hit!


Sonja is acting super weird (even more than usual) and passive aggressive towards Tinsley. She tells Tinsley to go into the bar without her and waits outside saying that Tinsley should go see her friends on her own. She repeats it again inside the bar, “I’m not with her.” Sonja apparently farts at the bar and the women start legit fanning it away. Omg! Such classy women! This moment takes the cake and wins my “Throw Up in My Mouth” Moment of the week.


Tinsley explains to Bethenny and Carole how she married Topper when they were 18 because of a 90210 episode. They had to get it annulled because of school and then they got remarried later on. Bethenny says in her interview, “It’s good to have role models.”  It was nice to finally see Bethenny and Tinsley interact, albeit a little boring.  Tinsley in general is pretty blah.  Let’s face it, her most interesting tidbit is her arrest, and I’m already sooo sick of hearing about that. Luann and Ramona were literally just at each other’s throats but are now bonding over their mutual disdain of Bethenny. Ramona sits down with Bethenny and starts asking her strange questions about talking to her girlfriends about things going on in her life. Do you want your girlfriends to be there for you? Do you tell your girlfriends about things going on in your life? She is blinking and swaying uncontrollably and seems drunk af! Bethenny knows right away that Ramona is trying to get a reaction from her and disengages. She says she doesn’t like the way that Ramona is speaking to her. Ramona starts calling Bethenny weird, strange, not normal… um, someone get this lady a mirror! Like she did in the Hamptons, Bethenny gets up and leaves the situation.


After Bethenny’s departure and a few more pinots down the hatch, Ramona starts hugging and loving all over the ladies. She asks each one of them individually, “Don’t I have a big heart?”  Well, don’t I? Don’t I? Tell the cameras I have a big heart dammit! God, what kind of pills is she mixing with her alcohol? This is another level of cray, even for Ramona.


The drama has been a little slow go thus far… I’m going to need some other cat fights besides Ramona and Bethenny to peak my interests. Really I would LOVE for Bethenny to go in on Ramona – cut that “B.I.” down! Hopefully Tinsley will finally lose her shit on Sonja soon. Next week we see Bethenny finally meet Tom and sort of apologize for blowing up his spot. This looks juicy, but I bet it will just be one little blip amongst a lot of filler scenes and not really cause any big thing. What did you think of this week’s episode? What is Ramona mixing with her drinks?! Should Bethenny being staying at these confrontations and hashing it out with Ramona? Let me know in the comments below! Episode 3  Episode 4  Episode 5  Dorinda Take Down

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