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3 Bobby Breakdowns – Below Deck Med Episode 2

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Three’s Company

This episode was a bad look for Bobby. I’ve never been a huge fan of Bobby, but I’ve never straight up hated him either… until now. He came across as super misogynist, crazy angry, super possessive, and then whined about all of it in his interviews. Let’s be honest, Bobby acted like this a lot last season, especially when it came to Julia… but this was another level of scummy. You can fix your teeth Bobby, but you should work on that personality first.


Anchor Drama

Bobby is the only one of all the deckhands to ever do a charter before… let that sink in. Bobby is the most experienced deckhand… scary!

Bobby attempts to lower the anchor and is having trouble since he can’t do math or count. Maybe it’s just the fact that you don’t know what the fuck you are doing. He is letting the anchor down way too fast, after the Captain told him to slow it down. Even I know that it shouldn’t be going that fast just from watching this show for so long.

Apparently Bobby is also color blind because he can’t tell the difference between red, orange, and yellow. He has no clue how many shackles to let down… 5? 2? 3? Ahh too much math! Does he even know what shackles are? I mean, I don’t either… but I’m not a yachtie.


Eventually the chain runs out and they hit cable… which is a bad thing. The chain is now jammed and they can’t pull the anchor back up so they’re going to have to cut the line – So pretty much a huge fuck up Bobby. I would feel bad for you if you weren’t such a dick later in the episode.


Fireman Bobby

Another piece of the boat breaks, this time shattering glass onto poor Malia. She has shards of glass in her foot and there is legit blood everywhere – thanks for all of the close-ups cameramen. Bleh!


Bobby jumps into fireman mode and gets most of the glass from her foot. Malia goes to change her clothes and rinse the blood and glass off in the shower. All of the sudden, Bobby decides that he is not done checking Malia over and needs to get to her right away in order to clear her. He is trying to get at Malia while she is in the shower! When Hannah tells him no way perv, he freaks the fuck out. He starts yelling at Hannah and saying that he’s seen naked people before. Uh… I don’t think the situation is that serious Bobby. Even Malia is like “nice try” douche bag. He completed blows up on Hannah but she will not let him in the shower. God Bobby, just wait 5 minutes and let the girl get dressed. He is acting like a complete psychopath.


Cock Block

The crew goes out for a night of drinking and partying and Bobby is so paranoid about Hannah talking to, being near, or looking at Malia. Heading back to the boat Bobby is carrying Malia and then legit passes her over to Chef what’s-his-face like a piece of luggage.


But it is Hannah who pulls the robbery and gets the attention of Malia. Maybe if Bobby hadn’t been so freaked out about them talking about him, he would see that they had been flirting all night. No one wants to sit around and talk about you all night Bobby – that would be a total snooze-fest. Hannah and Malia are pretty much all over each other… kissing, motor boating, grabbing asses- and Malia is the aggressor in all of these situations.



Back onboard Bobby asks Malia what she and Hannah were talking about all night. Malia jokingly says that it was all about you Bobby. He doesn’t get the joke and freaks the fuck out. He stomps to the bathroom and kicks in the door where Hannah is peeing! OMG!!!! What a crazy person! He is so overly-aggressive. He throws a huge temper tantrum and calls Hannah an alchie. She is just standing there in shock.



And that’s how we end… hopefully to pick up at this same spot next week.

What did you think of this episode? Was Bobby way out of line or did he have a right being angry at Hannah?

Let me know in the comments below!

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