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Top Moments of the Real Housewives of New York Episode 5

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This episode was kind of a let down after all of the hype we’ve been seeing about “election night”.  It turned out to be pretty anti-climatic.  I’m glad though that we didn’t draw out all of the depressing stuff and still managed to have some funny moments.

Carole’s Mom

Carole’s mom is adorable af and doesn’t look like she is that much older than Carole.  I literally didn’t see one wrinkle on her and see looked so much more natural than Carole.

I thought that it was soooo weird that Carol’s mom had not meet her live in boyfriend (sorry her “shacking up” boyfriend) Adam after 2 years of them dating.  2 Years!  Unless she lives out of state… or better yet out of country, (which she obviously doesn’t if she’s going door to door campaigning for Hilary) there is no excuse as to why she hasn’t met him.  So weird

Ramona’s Laser Facial

Tbh, I didn’t watch this entire scene… it was just too stomach turning!  This was definitely my “puke moment” of the week and it’s pretty sad that I have had something in every episode so far that makes me want to throw up in my mouth.

I really think that Ramona needs to lay off of the face work.  She is already pulled so tight that she can barely see out of her eyes and everyday she is looking more and more like Renee Zellweger.  I mean, for 60 she looks fucking great but that needle going into the inside of her bottom lip was just too damn much for me.  Puke!


Rocco is back y’all!  And he is taking Sonja out on a respectable date!  I am team Rocco 100%!  He even loved her odd oversized napkins last year.  She is torn between him and “Frenchy”.  I think it’s about time she settles down with a nice man but whatever… do you Sonja.

Election Party – Holla!

Holla shows up and this is pretty much the most exciting thing that happens all night.  This whole party was a total snooze fest – wtf Bravo?  They made it seem like this was the one huge moment of the season… but no.  I was expecting some major drama or at the very least a breakdown from Carole.

Ramona’s Surprise

Ramona, in typical fashion, almost missed her own surprise party.  Dorinda says something like “We have all of Ramona’s favorite things here… Friends, food, and drinks.”  All of Ramona’s favorite things? You mean pinot grigio and…. nope that’s it.

When Ramona finally arrives her nearly get crushed by the elevator before collapsing onto the ground.  Drama overload much?!

We see Harry! Harry has come to fame via sleeping with almost everyone in the cast.  Hmm… seems like a familiar story line…. Tom? Both Tom and Harry and been with half of the cast a la Slade – gross.  Next season we’ll be introduced to some random named Dick who has also slept with everyone and then we’ll finally have a full hand… Tom, Dick, Harry. (This is also the first man – of two- that Luann has stolen from Sonja… then Tom. WTF Luann?!!)

Just Chill

Ramona was double booked and had also planned on going on a date that night.  So she called said date – and she didn’t even know his name!! – and invited him to the party.  Once the date in question “George” shows up she tells him to just chill and then literally turns her back on him to have a convo with her friends.

Awky 10 Secs

Ramona makes a wish on her one tall ass candle and literally take 10 long and awkward seconds to do so.  She is muttering and chanting under her breath while everyone else continues to have conversations.

She’s 6 Goddammit!

Ramona and Sonja and discussing the whole Bethenny soft core porn debacle and are also having a “momentous, monumental, momentous” moment.  Sonja is kind of siding with Bethenny – like obvs no one is going to be harassing her 5 year old daughter about the situation.  Ramona replies, “She’s 6! Not 5… 6!!!”  Omg Huuuuge dif.

What did you think of this episode?  Did they glaze over the election or were they trying to spare us the pain of reliving it?  What are you excited for next?

Let me know in the comment below!

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