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Gross Moments – Real Housewives of New York



There have already been so many disgusting and horrid moments on this season’s RHONY that have literally made me want to throw up in my mouth!  Maybe it because these ladies say and do anything that comes to mind without thinking – but it has greatly affected me thus far. I had to get it off my chest and share – let me know if I’m overacting or if these things genuinely grossed you out too.  (This post will be updated after each episode as I am sure there is more nastiness to come.)

Episode 1 – Dorinda wants a private dance

Dorinda is with Carole talking about skipping Luann’s upcoming bachelorette party and says something that crossed the line and made me throw up in my mouth!  She said she would rather see greasy, sweaty, hairy, big-boned John do a dance for her than a stripper. I am picturing him when he tried to creepily dance and grope Kristen a few seasons back but times 10.  Ugh it makes my skin crawl!  The nasty visual is the thing nightmares are made of!



Episode 2 – Bethenny gets crusty

Bethenny is throwing shade at Sonja’s afternoon tea party and says something in her interview that she must’ve thought was funny – but again made me puke in my mouth!  She goes too far and compares the party to something that the “crusty vagina clan” would do.  BLEH!!!!!  As if the word “crusty” is not vomit inducing enough – you have to use it in reference to a hoo-haa.  Not cool Bethenny, not cool.  Gag.



Episode 3 – Cupping

I think this one is fairly obvious and probably grossed out everyone that was unfortunate enough to watch it.  Carole and Bethenny are getting acupuncture, which is repulsive enough in it’s own right.  They are also both making weird sex comparisons – with the noises to go along with it. It gets more revolting when Carole declares that she has foot fungus and shoves her foot in the poor doctor’s face.  I have a weird perversion to feet so this particularly grossed me out. And finally…to really top this horrendous affair – Bethenny decides to get cupping.  This on it’s own wouldn’t be that terrible – if the cameras didn’t keep zooming it and focusing on her boiling flesh!  OMFG BLEH!!!!! Why do they keep showing it?  I’m praying for a John strip dance right about now – legit anything but this!



Episode 4 – Panty Soup

This moment is relatively tame compared to last weeks horrid turn of events – I’m still have PTSD just thinking about it.  This moment was a lot more hilarious but pretty gross all the same – and if not gross then definitely unsanitary. Sonja is going through all of her thongs and undergarments and characteristically holding them up for the camera to see.  This is now the second time we have seen close ups of her panties – no one wants to see a 50+ year old woman’s panties Sonja! She then proceeds to “wash” her panties in the bidet – ugh!  It’s hilarious and disturbing all at once.  Does she not have a sink in her bathroom with less germs that would work just as well?!  She is basically washes her panties in the toilet and it’s nasty af.

Panty soup


Episode 5 – Ramona Lasers

Ramona really needs to lay off the face work.  Her face is already pulled so tight that she can barely open her eyes and she is starting to look like Renee Zellweger.  This was so gross though – again with the needles.  Whatever that lotion cream stuff was that they had all over her face was making me gag! Please ladies – keep it classy like the ladies of Beverly Hills and get your work done in private!



Episode 6 – The Smells of Sonja

The ladies are all standing around a bar talking, when Luann starts legit fanning the air.  It soon comes to fruition that Sonja has indeed… farted.  Of course, like all things, Sonja has no shame.  She says she takes the blame for smells even when it’s not her… what a good friend.  They are all legit fanning the air and making repulsive faces…. such classy women.



Episode 7 – Tinsley’s Mama Bird Move

Tinsley is on a typical teenage date (bowling) with her almost teenage boy toy, Chad.  She feeds him some sort of food, gives him a quick 3 seconds to chew, and then starts tongue kissing him.  It was gross enough to watch her make out with some 20 year old in the club, but now this kid legit has a mouth full of food and she’s still all about it.  Her explanation is that she’s like a mama bird – who the fuck do you think you are Nelly Furtado?  It was gross – it almost made me throw up my own food like a damn bird!



Episode 8 – Luanna Loves Tom

This was not a gag moment per say but it still made me want to throw up on behalf on women everywhere.  Luann is talking about her love of Tom and that she likes being able to turn the tv on in the middle of the night and that Tom doesn’t mind. She says that is what she really loves about him.  Wow, true love?! Does she hear herself?! Can she find anything of actual substance to say about this man and why she loves him? She really is one of those girls who would rather be in a terrible relationship than be in no relationship at all.




Episode 9 – The Smells of Sonja Part 2

Ramona and Sonja are getting ready and there is a very loud audible fart noise. Sonja comes out of the bathroom and says, “Oh that was me, gassy.” Ewww!!!! It was bad enough a few weeks back to have to hear them talk about it, but to actually have to hear the noise of a Sonja fart!!! Wtf editors?! Why are you doing this to us?!



Episode 10 – Luann’s Delusions of Grandeur

Luann comes down in a future bride bedazzled shirt – I mean really? We fucking get it Luann – you’re getting married! But damn, you are in your 50s and this is your second marriage – take it down a notch. Luann makes her famous egg a la Francé – another thing she needs to take down a notch.  This was def my puke moment of the week – she is so over the top with this fake ass wedding shit, I can’t take it!

wedding shirty

That’s all for now – until next weeks nastiness. What do you think? Am I being over dramatic or are these moments legit puke in your mouth worthy? Let me know in the comments below!
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