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Real Housewives of New York Episode 4

Not Well Bitch

Finally in this episode shit hits the fan! Dorinda goes full out gangster and it’s amaze balls! (For more info click here)  Get ready to re-live some cringe-worthy moments! Episode 1, Epsiode2,  Episode 3, Taglines, Dorinda’s Takedown

Ramona asks a random guest if he needs anything. When he replies “Just a water”, she’s tells him to get it himself! “Help yourself” she says. OMG why even bother asking Ramona?! If anyone is new to the New York franchise, this scene will perfectly sum up everything that you need to know about Ramona.

Tinsley’s introduction to Dorinda, where she brings up going to jail… again! She is pretty freaked out being in Dorinda’s presence after every horror story that Sonja has told her. And she should be, Dorinda is not fucking around.

Dorinda’s hilariously and cringe-worthily attacks Sonja, which occurred right in the middle of dinner – much to Ramona’s chagrin. So akwy and uncomfortable for everyone sitting at the table.   Those insults were on point…I list my fav lines here.

Dorinda loses it

As if we haven’t already reached peak awkwardness in this episode, Carole tries to disinvite Ramona from her election party. Ramona, naturally, will not accept this and just keeps responding “No, I’m coming.” Carole insists that she is not “disinviting” Ramona but just doesn’t want her to come…. Uh same damn thing. Ramona cannot believe how rude it is to disinvite someone – flashback to her talking about disinviting Sonja to the Hamptons. Editing shade on point! Also, while this conversation is going on, the cleaning lady is in the background, wiping down the table. I don’t know why I found this so funny, but I did.


Toast at LuAnn’s – “Next time you see a microphone, just please zip it.”  After all of that off the rail madness, Dorinda and Sonja are both just totally fine. This is so fucking bizarre, but I feel like Sonja is just saying she is over it and will hopefully explode the next time she’s drunk – which should be soon.


Dorinda and LuAnn wearing matching purple fur shawl things. They are teasing over who wore it better but I can’t decide who looks worse. It looks like they killed a Sesame Street character and wore it as a jacket. Hilarious all the same.

matching fur

Sonja washes her thongs and panties in the bidet! OMFG! This is where we hit peak hilariousness! This actually might even be a top 5 nominee for “Wackiest Sonja Moments.” She gives no explanation as to why… WHY she is washing her undergarments in a glorified toilet. God, isn’t there at least a sink in your bathroom?!! So fucking weird and so fucking glorious! “Panty Soup.”!!!!!

Panty soup

Dorinda visits John which is boring af. But they cut to her in an interview saying “It obviously seems to be working and it doesn’t seem to be slowing down.” This is the exact same clip they used in episode 1 when describing Adam and Carole’s relationship. Editors??! Slacking off that day after being so busy busting out the shade? I’m ok with it, I would rather them concentrate on the important things – making the housewives look as ridiculous as possible.

Carole has become an official “cat lady” and has named her two cats “Baby” and “Baby”. Bethenny cannot understand how someone who has made their living as a writer, can’t seem to come up with something a little more creative. No one ever said she was a master a branding Bethenny – that title goes exclusively to you. Also Carole’s damn couch! This is the second time I have noticed and been horrified by the tattered state of her couch!

Carole couch

What do you think of this cray cray episode??? Finally, the drama!  Did Dorinda go over the top or was it totally deserved?

Let me know in the comments below!

Episode 1, Epsiode2,  Episode 3, Taglines, Dorinda’s Takedown

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