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14 Hilarious and Vicious Lines from Dorinda’s Dinner Attack

If you missed the recap for Episode 1Episode 2, or taglines… make sure to check it out!

The “Thug in a Cocktail” dress is back at it again… and this time Sonja is her prey. Supposedly Dorinda was only on “Diet Coke” that night, but I have an inkling that there may have been more than one type of coke in her system. Here are the most vicious, hilarious, and down-right confusing lines to leave Dorinda’s slurry mouth

1.) Are there any stories you can tell about it? Anyone you can call and tell about it? Maybe a blogger or something… you have so much to say these days.

2.) Shut your mouth! Stop talking poorly about me. You better stop it.


3.) Why don’t you stop getting vaginal rejuvenation? And put an easy pass on that vagina with your Holland Tunnel. We all know what goes down in that townhouse… turnstile and ticket. 

This was particularly harsh… I let out a gasp when I heard it live, even though I had already seen parts in the trailer.  This had to be rehearsed… it was just executed so smoothly.


4.) How’d you enjoy the bridal shower? Did you enjoy the stripper? Were you doggie styling him? If that’s you sober honey, I’d love to see you drunk.

5.) You need an invitation to go to a wedding honey.


6.) Shut your mouth! It’s the beginning of the end.

7.) Go get a bag of cucumbers and bananas and continue on honey.

Yikes! Even Carole has to step in on this one – the slut shaming is real.


8.) You have a pathetic, delusional life.

9.) What’s your Off-Broadway play? It was a disgusting play.

Random man’s toast – the rest of Ramona’s guests (including Candace Bushnell, New York royalty) are completely appalled.

guest 1

10.) You know there’s an election right now Sonja. I know cause you’re a consultant of Trump. Yea she was one on Trump’s consultants, among many other things.

11.) You call me a liar; you’re a liar and a fraud!

12.) Fix your toilet in your townhouse! Fix your toilet in your townhouse!

13.) And wander around in your housecoat. Is Edie Beale upstairs? Sooonjaaa!


14.) You’re a disgusting, pathetic, delusional fool!

Wow! It’s so hilarious but also so cringe-worthy to watch!  Dorinda really had some great one-liners in there. What do you think about this cray outburst?  Overly harsh or totally deserved?  Let me know in the comments below!

If you missed the recap for Episode 1Episode 2, or taglines… make sure to check it out!

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