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Highlights of Real Housewives of New York Episode 2

If you missed Episode 1 or the Taglines, make sure to check them out.


We meet Tinsley in this episode, and honestly the verdict is still out on her. I feel like she could get totally cray (evident by her partying past) or on the flip side she might be trying to turn a new leaf which would be super boring. Either way, I’m interested for now to learn more.

A lot of this episode can be summarized by 2 separate fights that are happening – the election and Tom. Stuff we’ve all heard before and I’m sure will continue to hear on RHONY. I really hope they don’t get stuck on these 2 topics all season long or the season will be a total snooze fest.

Sonja has a random party so everyone can meet Tinsley. It’s the first time we see all of the girls together – sans Dorinda. It’s pretty lame for a Sonja party – no cabaret performances or teeth falling out. The most entertaining part is Bitchy Butler.

Sonja’s Home for Wayward Girls

Sonja is kind of obsessed with chocolate this year. We’re only on episode 2 and she’s brought it up twice. First, when she’s practicing her lines for the play she said she had some chocolate so she’s wired, and now she asks her intern Connor for some chocolate “at your earliest.” Maybe she’s pulling a DJ James Kennedy and trying to replace booze with chocolate, like he did with ice cream.

Tinsley arrives at Sonja’s, luggage and pillows in tow. Why does everyone want to stay at Sonja’s? I thought she didn’t have any hot water? Maybe she is the only one nice enough to let someone come stay with her.

So we learn that Tinsley was an “it” girl, whatever the hell that means. I’ve never heard of her in my life. She’s back in New York after living in Palm Beach. Tinsley looks a lot younger than Sonja, so if they are around the same age then Tinsley really looks great. Tinsley was married to her ex-husband for 15 years. That’s a long ass time – and no kids? But then Tinsley says that she does want kids and froze her eggs. Damn girl better get going.

Sonja is pulling a Patti Stanger trying to set Tinsley up. I think Sonja should be worrying about herself first. Tinsley is looking for a techy guy, which I think is perfect. She’s an “IT” girl, he’s an “I-T” guy – sounds like a match!

Tinsley was arrested… which we’ll hear several times throughout the episode. She was dating someone after their divorce and was trespassing on his property in order to retrieve a handbag. Does this constitute as an offense worth getting arrested over? There must be more to the story. Her mug shot looks like she could’ve been under the influence of something. Also, it makes me really question her lame ass tagline. Do lashes fix everything? They don’t seem to be helping here.

Tinsley is super sad about being back in New York and not having any parties to go to. I mean, how does she do it? Her life is so hard. The struggle is real. But she finds comfort in trying on pretty dresses. Wow Tinsley, you are so deep girl! Bethenny is gonna love you!

So according to Tinsley, becoming an “it” girl does not happen overnight. It takes lots of hard work, dedication, and a really good curling iron. Man, this Tinsley. Deep and inventive!  I did not know that curls were not a thing until this flash in the pan showed up on the scene.

Sidenote: Isn’t Tinsley the thing you put on your Christmas tree? Maybe that’s tinsel.

Fav line: Sonja out of nowhere “I look so much better now that I started dying my eyebrows.”

Biggie and Smalls

Bethenny decided to get 2 puppies to soften the blow when Cookie (who is now 16!) goes the way of Giggy. And she had the audacity not to tell Ramona about it via text or email! What nerve! I thought we were friends Bethenny! Ramona had to find out via Instagram like all of the other peasants and so she initially refuses to acknowledge them. Instead Ramona kicks one of the dogs with the side of her shoe that she didn’t want to take off. Who snubs puppies like that? She must’ve realized what a monster she was going to look like and didn’t want Lisa Vanderpump on her ass for being mean to puppies. So she basically smothers one of them while hugging and squeezing it. What a nutjob!

Carole’s is planning an Election Night party – oh gag me. This isn’t going to end well Carole. I want to reach through the screen and grab her… all of your hopes and dreams are about to be crushed! Ramona will not be attending the party, which I think is wise. It’s going to be one depressing party. They kind of get into it and it seems pretty obvious to me that they have opposing views, aka candidates.   But I think the main issue is Carole thinking that she’s so much more informed than everyone else. And to be fair, she probably is, but people don’t like hearing that… it sounds like you’re calling them dumb. She assumes that Ramona only reads the news headlines and not the entire article. Again, probably also true and again also rude af to say to someone. Please make it stop!


Well, this is not a good sign of things to come. We are only in episode 2 and we are already seeing these boring af filler moments.

Dorinda and Ramona go to cryotherapy and talk about Sonja and Tom-Ann again. Enough!

Dorinda is picking out a couch for her bushy eye browed, whiny talking, spoiled rotten daughter.   She is outraged that it will take 3 months for her couch order. “People are born, live, and die in 3 months.” That actually makes no fucking sense. Are you talking about 1 person being born, living, and then dying over a 3 month period? So a 3 month old baby then. Or are you saying that over the course of 3 months some people are born, some other people live, and some other people die? Because, yea that happens every day dumbass.

Mad Sonja Party

Sonja is throwing a Mad Hatter tea party for no particular reason… just the fuck of it. It’s the middle of fall and she wants to have a garden party with everyone wearing color and hats. Where the fuck is the logic in that? Oh wait, it’s Sonja. But really what is the point of this? Is she promoting her toaster oven? International lifestyle brand? Tipsy Girl?

Bitchy Butler is right out the gate hating big time on Ramona. He points out that she wore all black….um, have you looked down at your outfit today sir? Or at the girl a few feet away from you also dressed in all black? And then he just keeps going in with the low blows… what is the dude’s beef with Ramona? He says that she threw away a wonderful man and when Tinsley says that he had cheated on her, Bitchy Butler responds “Wouldn’t you?” What is your deal guy? I dunno, this was not coming off as funny to me – it was def more mean-spirited. Serve the food – don’t be serving housewives shade.

Tinsley explains several times to several people that she’s sick of color after Palm Beach and really wanted to wear black. This already seems to be a theme with her – repetitiveness.

Surprise, surprise: Bethenny is not on board with this whole afternoon tea party thing either. It’s not good branding. She goes too far though to say it’s something that the “crusty vagina clan” would do. UGH Gross Bethenny! God, I almost just threw up in my mouth again!  Last week it was sweaty John stripping and this week it’s crusty hoo-haas. Bleh! Nasty shit.

Ramona had invited both Sonja and Dorinda to stay in the Hamptons because she was hoping they’d be getting along by now. So she told Sonja “change of plans” and made up something about her daughter coming in. Carole is oddly confused by this and asks “So what’s the real story?” She just told us! The real reason is because Dorinda and Sonja are at each other’s throats. I thought you were a journalist Carole, keep up.

Ramona then moves on to all of her frisky dates resulting in hickeys. Carole and Ramona both love hickeys and kissing. This really grosses me out for some reason. I don’t want to think about someone sucking on those wrinkly necks. Bleh.

They get into politics… again. And again Carole states that she’s more informed than the average voter. I mean obviously she is more informed than Ramona, on a lot of subjects. But obviously if you come out and tell Ramona that, she’s going to take issue. Just stop talking about it! No one wants to hear it!

Fav line: Ramona “How do you think I got to where I am in my life? I’m very informed.” Where exactly are you in your life Ramona? You are def informed when it comes to super tight face lifts.

Bethenny shows up with a Skinny Girl product basket in tow. I think all of her friends have enough Skinny Girl products by now, you can lay off. Tinsley thinks that Bethenny was kind of cold to her… duh, what did you expect? Has she never watched the show before? Bethenny is not going to be kissing your ass because you know how to use a curling iron.

Bethenny is literally the only person wearing any sort of color. That is until, LuAnn arrives in a flowery frock and cowgirl hat. Was that the only hat that she could find to fit her head? It looks terrible.

Ramona starts berating Tinsley with questions and Tinsley actually keeps her cool and just answers honestly. Ramona is being pretty overly invasive – even asking if Tinsley regrets not having kids with her ex-husband. Now I’ve been wondering this too, or more why it never happened, but I would never come out and ask that to her face. Mind yo business rude.

Tinsley comes right out and starts talking about her arrest. I think this is smart, especially around Ramona. This is something that Ramona would be talking about behind her back all season long and Tinsley just took away that power.   And you can see right away that Ramona respects her honesty.

Fav line: Bethenny “There’s a seat for every ass and a hat for every head.”

Sonja and LuAnn sit down to talk about, what else… Tom. Please Bravo, please let this be the end of it. We are going around and around and nothing about this situation is going to change. Sonja is trying to say that she supports LuAnn no matter what, but she will be here for her if something happens. It’s coming off super bitchy and passive agressive though. It sounds more like, well when it falls apart and when he does something to hurt you, I’ll still be here.   It’s like rooting for her to fail. You’re not gonna get the guy back Sonja, so either move on from it or you’re going to lose a friend too.

The Bitchy Butler is back at it again and this time his target is LuAnn. Now this, I can get on board with. I would much rather hear some catty remarks about someone’s horrid outfit then about their failed marriage. According to LuAnn, the dress is Ralph Lauren. Bethenny and the Bitchy Butler are a snarky match made in heaven. They call LuAnn’s dress a prairie dress or something from Ann Taylor, but the Bitchy Butler goes in for kill calling it “Salvation Army.”   Yikes!

Bethenny loves Bitchy Butler and wants to take him home. He’s like God yes!   Please get me the fuck out of this hellhole. He starts to follow her out to “walk them to their car” but Sonja grabs him. If Sonja hadn’t have caught him you know that Bitchy Butler would’ve been out of there. Later Tipsy Girl, I’m going Skinny!


I’ve already kind of given up on Tinsley. I’m trying not to be too cynical, but she seems very vapid and one-dimensional. I hope I’m wrong and she’s just giving off nervous vibes that aren’t true to her real self. But right now I’m really hoping that she does something to piss off Bethenny or rile her up so I can watch her crucify Tinsley.

I’m hoping for finally a confrontation with Sonja and Dorinda. We’re now 2 episodes in and we’ve seen them talk a lot of shit about each other but not actually interact. I’m ready for some of Dorinda’s one-liners we’ve been seeing in the teasers.

The trailer for next episode doesn’t look too exciting though. I didn’t see much drama. The first 2 episodes have been pretty decent. Nothing major has popped off, but a lot of shit talking that will have to come to a head eventually.

What do you think of Tinsley?  Will she be a good addition to the cast? Did I miss any noteworthy moments? Are you excited for the Dorina vs Sonja drama?

Let me know in the comments below!

If you missed Episode 1 or the Taglines, make sure to check them out.

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